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The Chief Company Innovator
Engr. Gilbert S. Cruz
Big Boss Cement Inc.

Engr. GILBERT S. CRUZ is The Chief Company Innovator  of Big Boss Cement Inc. CCI for short is the new buzz, amidst other experts’ initials : CMO, CIO, COO etc.

One of the cornerstones of BBCI, Engr. Gilbert is noted for his ingenuity in creating and implementing innovative and breakthrough solutions in construction, building materials, and cement production. Fellow experts in the international engineering call him DR. GILBERT S. CRUZ for his professional competence in the global field of engineering.

He explored new cement processess  with several leading cement companies. He however,  implemented this re-engineered technology called the Key Process,  which is now proprietary to Big Boss Cement Inc.

He pioneered   Ultra High Strength Concrete in the Philippines and Self-Compacting/Consolidating Concrete in the Philippines.

An Industrial Chemist, Industrial/Mechanical Engineer, he was key person in pioneering various companies such as Bostik Philippines , Inc., Global Brands Inc., Vertical Space Interior Inc, Petra Cement Inc. and many more.

Career or profession is just a facet of life, but it does not define a man. God created man complete: cultivator of nature and human relationships. And Engr. Cruz is fulfilling this godly calling as a family leader of 6 children and his lovely wife, Melanie Leal-Cruz. They are blissfully married for 31 years,


This Chief Company Innovator is also a golf enthusiast He is the Manager of Adamson  University’s Soaring Falcons Basketball Team and Vice-Chairman of Adamson Sports Executive Group.

Administrative Head
Big Boss Cement Inc.

Science, specifically Chemistry and Technology has always been in the forefront in the mind of Dr. Ishmael Ordonez.

The distinction of “Young Outstanding Scientist Award” was given to Dr. Ish particularly for his research program at UP Diliman which resulted in the establishment of the Materials Science Research Laboratory where students did undergraduate and graduate level research on various topics such as conducting polymers, biosensors and rechargeable batteries.

Almost a decade in the academe, he was a Laboratory Instructor for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry of Concordia University at Montreal, Canada. He was a Post Doctorate Research Associate at the Physics Department of Texas Tech University and at the Institute of Toxicology of the University of Southern California. He then became an Associate Professor at the Institute of Chemistry of the University of the Philippines.

He has a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Concordia University and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from McGill University, both at Montreal, Canada.

He started his corporate career as Corporate Toxicology Administrator of Atlantic Richfield Company in Los Angeles, California.

He was Department Head of Technical Operations of Motorola/ON Semiconductor Philippines. For a number of years he was Vice-President for Quality of United Laboratories, the leading Filipino-owned pharmaceutical company. He was Senior Manager for Asia Pacific Technical Operations in Diageo.

Performance and Values are the matrix in his hands. Dr. Ish currently holds a critical role as the Administrative Head of BBCI, responsible for the Program Management and Organizational Development of BBCI’s first cement production facility .

Exposure to such tough mental calisthenics has not eroded the inner man of Dr. Ish. Passion to serve the God of all creation and compassion for the underprivileged was seen when, for a number of years, he was with a Non-Profit Organization. He was Chief Program Officer and Chief Administrative Officer of International Care Ministries which catered to the ultra poor. His involvement in the ministry includes serving as Head of the GLOBAL LEADERSHIP CENTER (GLC) training, and also as Discipleship Group leader of married couples at Christ’s Commission Fellowship.

Dr. Ish is blessed with a wife of 24 years and two millennial kids.

Such agility of mind and spirit embraced an agile physical stature- Dr. Ish is a certified IronMan Triathlete, having completed the IronMan Langkawi in 2014.

BBCI Launch, 18 Jan 2018 at One1Esplanade

Pastor Vic Quisumbing: Dedication of BBCI to our Father God in heaven.

 Our Dear Father in Heaven,

Sovereign and Almighty, the Big Boss who lives in the hearts of BBCI owners, key officers, all staff and employees. You are most gracious and loving.


God’s Faithfulness

We come before your throne of grace, with thanksgiving in our hearts, for orchestrating the development and the launching of this new business in this country.

Thank you for your faithfulness in establishing this cement factory that will be an arena of productivity; consistent growth; profitability and truly a place where friendship and camaraderie amongst its executives and workers are practiced.


God’s Provisions and Blessings

We believe what you encourage us in your word: “Commit your plans to the Lord and He will make it succeed.” Proverbs 16:3

We ask you now to fill this company with your presence everyday as they impact the Philippine scene with excellent products and a pioneering spirit that will be a model to all companies.  We pray that Big Boss Cement Inc. will truly give You Honor and Glory. We pray all these in the name of your Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.


Company Video Presentation

Big Boss Cement

Big Boss Cement (BBCI) is a 100% Filipino-owned start-up company specializing in production of environment-friendly cement in the country. Our company utilizes advanced technological infrastructure and methods that are capable of producing high-quality and environment-friendly cement.

As a pioneer in research and development, BBCI leverages on innovative and strategic infrastructure that continuously explores alternative and sustainable materials to deliver advanced, optimum quality cement which reduce toxic elements to help decrease negative environmental impacts.

We commit to consistently improve our methodologies and formulations toward achieving highly-robust, efficient and revolutionary breakthroughs in cement manufacturing.



We see BBCI as a globally respected Philippine corporation producing cement products with the highest level of structural strength, leveraged from innovative scientific formulation that is compliant to international quality standards. We see BBCI conducting its business consistent with excellent ethical standards.


It is the mission of Big Boss Cement Inc. to use optimally, its research and development capability in order to sustain its initiative to innovate and provide cement products with exceptionally strong properties. BBCI’s proprietary formulations will always embark on preserving natural environment health. We task ourselves towards sustainable breakthroughs that is robust and revolutionary, in order to contribute to the efficient growth of the country’s industries as a whole, and in particular, the cement manufacturing industry.


“ Res Ipsaloquitur” – let the thing speak for itself.

We commit to providing our customers only with high-quality cement products that promote a nurturing, healthier environment for humanity.

We do not claim…we test and show results. Make your stand. Big Boss Cement I stand on technology, research, and innovation.

Corporate Address:

No. 28 Madison Street, Barangay Ilaya.
Mandaluyong City
Telephone: 632-7171609

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